Leadership skills

By TetraMap_Admin

TetraMap has often been described as a leadership competency. What does this mean?

Great leaders combine courage, knowledge, compassion, and vision to meet the challenges their organisations face. To reach peak performance, leaders support their teams to develop autonomy, mastery, a common purpose, and a connection to personal passion.

Good leadership is about good relationships, and TetraMap teaches understanding of people’s natures and behaviours, communication with others, and the value of diversity and differences within teams.

Key skills required for effective leadership are:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Communication skills
  • Relationship and team management
  • Conflict management and reduction
  • Responsible decision making
  • Leaving a legacy for the future

Leaders and managers start with understanding themselves at a deeper level, using the foundational workshop Why are you like that? – the nature of behaviour. They can then ask of those they lead, “How well and how often do you demonstrate how you value diversity and reduce conflict?”

Multiple perspectives

The Art of TetraMapping is to take a situation, challenge, problem, or opportunity and TetraMap it. This means everything should be looked at from at least four perspectives. As an example, the TetraMap of motivating others addressing different Elemental preferences:


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The TetraMap of leadership

 – Yoshimi and Jon Brett, from the TetraMap Book

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The first time I introduced TetraMap to a leadership team, they took to it like ducks to water. Within 15 minutes they were having discussions they had never had before and asked that I use it with the next tier in the organisation.

Malcolm Hurrell, Director
New Mindsets, UK

My team of managers were amazed what they learned about themselves. We now understand each other so much better – much more productive and engaging!

Paul Jonson, Customer Services Manager
Perfext Pizzazz, NZ

In my training with people from all walks of life – corporate, non-corporate, and young people – I have found the Why Are You Like That? process to be very easy to use. After trialling the package, Scouting NZ has now incorporated it into their Advanced Leader Training Program.

John Williams, Trainer and Coach
FizzLogic, NZ